Anna Churchill

“I don’t like the word, ‘Manager’. I’m a coach.”

When Anna arrived here from England, six years ago, she didn’t have a job and she didn’t have a car.

The first was taken care of when she was interviewed by Kāpura and hired as a Chef at the Trentham Mess Hall.

It’s a big step from being a chef in a venue to being a manager in charge of 6 venues but it’s one that Anna has made in pretty short order.

She talks about the coaching she got, and having a great trainer. And , of course, the hard work which she doesn’t talk about.

Coaching is important. It’s her job. When she takes people on, she takes them on as part of Kāpura, knowing that there’s a whole network they can progress through. She’s always observing and looking – for the spark, for the person, for the opportunity.

“If people have a passion, they can go anywhere,” she says.

We finish talking and she heads off to wait a table. The Area Manager is waiting tables. she loves hospitality. It’s her passion. There are some things you can’t fake.