Anna Churchill

“I don’t like the word, ‘Manager’. I’m a coach.”

When Anna arrived here from England, six years ago the first thing she needed was a job, this was taken care of when she was interviewed by Kāpura and hired as a Chef at the Trentham Mess Hall.

It’s been a big step from being a chef to becoming an Area Manager in charge of six venues but it’s one that Anna has made in pretty short order, with the help of those around her.

“I received excellent training and support through every transition I’ve made within Kāpura,” Anna says.

She understands the importance of coaching “When I take people on, I take them on as a part of Kāpura, knowing that there’s a whole network they can progress through, I’m always observing and looking – for the spark, for the person, for the opportunity,” Anna explains.

Hospitality is Anna’s passion and you can still find her smashing out amazing front of house service at all her venues.

“If people have a passion, they can go anywhere,” Anna Churchill