Jane Riley

“The values are the most important thing about this place. We all care about each other.”

And if you want proof, then you have to look no further than her, Jane Riley’s, career.

Jane started at work as a Front-of-house team member, at Bethel Woods in 2015. Within eight months she became a Duty Manager and, eighteen months later, she was the Venue Manager.

Two-and-a-half years after that there was a tap on the shoulder and Jane joined the Head Office as HR Advisor.

When Jane was first interviewed, she said there was talk of progression and where you could get to.

Now she is the one that tells new hires about progression.

Ask her about what she’s most proud of about working at Kāpura and she doesn’t talk about herself.

She talks about seeing someone going from being a kitchen-hand to front-of-house to Manager.

She talks about the chefs who volunteer, once a month, at Everybody Eats where they make a three-course meal out of food that would be otherwise thrown out. And where anybody can come and have a meal and pay just whatever they can afford.

‘There’s a real family feel here,’ Jane says. ‘We look after each other. This is hospitality. We get it; we understand’