Matt Morris

“I helped build Kāpura’s first restaurant”

We’re sitting in Matt’s place, One Fat Bird in Karori. He’s talking about how he became a chef when he drops this into the conversation.

“I helped build Kāpura’s first restaurant in Khandallah.” He grins and then points out that he was a labourer for the builder.

Today, Matt is the Head Chef of Kāpura’s ‘One Fat Bird’ in Karori. It’s home because it’s where he lives and where he grew up but it’s more than that. It’s home because this is his place. Just six months ago he was made Sous Chef of this place. Then the Head Chef sadly had to head home. Overseas and Matt was tapped on the shoulder.

Now Matt is the Head Chef and he’s training young chefs who was like he was and he’s still building Kāpura.

Except that this time he’s not a labourer.