Everybody Eats

Turning unused food into sustainable meals for people from all walks of life is Kāpura’s latest step on its sustainability journey.

This is where Everybody Eats comes into play. An initiative founded by Nick Loosley that began in their Auckland flagship store has now expanded to weekly pop-ups set up in restaurants in both Wellington and Papamoa.

Through the help of donations and companies such as Kaibosh, Everybody Eats is offering a donation-based three-course dinner service, using nutritious food that would otherwise go to waste.

After seeing the work that EE was doing, Kane Salanoa GM, Fortune Favours reached out for support from the Kāpura head office to get involved in the initiative.

Group Chefs Ollie Edwards and Terry Morgan stepped up to the plate to lead the team in the EE kitchen.

When asked what drew them to the project Morgan explains “Creating a restaurant-style menu where people from any walk of life can dine next to one another is a concept I have never seen. It creates a social space for everybody and breaks down social stigmas.”

Edwards adds “Food brings joy and on a cold winter Wellington night, it'll be great to be able to get a hot bowl of food to the people that need it. It's not about me. It's about them and helping the community that I have known and grown up in for the past 30 years.”

You can find the Kāpura team in the kitchen on the first Tuesday of every month for the remainder of the year.