Healthy school lunches

In February 2021, Kāpura secured the contract to provide school meals for children in need in the Hutt Valley and Porirua.

Our Central Kitchen prepares and delivers 6,500 healthy and filling school lunches a day - made with love and care.

Everything from the ingredients to the environmentally sustainable packaging is sourced and made locally. The initiative has also provided much-needed employment opportunities post-covid.

All scraps from the kitchen go into worm farms where children get to see how compost works and can use the nutrients in their own gardens.

We make sure to keep the children involved in the process, with every meal they get a feedback form letting us know whether it is  ‘Yum’, ‘Ooh’, or ‘Yuk’ and we change the menu accordingly.

If there’s one thing you learn in hospitality, it’s to listen to the customers.