The Big Buddy story

Big Buddy works on the simple philosophy that boys develop more confidence and resilience when they have a positive male role model to look up to.

Big Buddy pairs generous-spirited men with boys aged 7-14 who do not have a father in their lives, providing them with male friendship, guidance and someone to look up to.

When the call went out in 2018 for Big Buddy to find their own big buddy, we answered and came on board as a major partner.

Since working with Big Buddy we’ve hosted the Big Buddy Boulcott’s Farm Golf Fundraiser in 2019 and the Big Buddy Fundraising Lunch at Harbourside in 2020. These two events raised over $96,000 for Big Buddy!

More importantly, we’ve been able to provide the buddies with experiences such as tickets to Hurricanes matches to see their heroes, to get excited and do all the things that Dads take their sons to do.

Kāpura is proud to continue to support the Big Buddy program for years to come